The Power of Targeted Savings: Achieve Your Goals with Arich

In the realm of personal finance, the concept of saving money can sometimes feel overwhelming or abstract. However, there’s a game-changing strategy that brings clarity, purpose, and tangible results to your financial journey: targeted savings. This approach isn’t just about stashing away random amounts; it’s about allocating specific amounts to achieve well-defined goals. Let’s explore how targeted savings can transform your financial Journey and how Arich can harness its benefits.

An illustration of Targeted Savings in Action

Imagine setting a goal to save for opening a new store, your child’s school fee payment, a new gadget, car,  or even building an emergency fund. Let’s break down the impact of targeted savings with a real-world example:

Goal: payment of your children’s school fees 

Time Frame: 6 months

Daily Savings: ₦2,000

At first glance, ₦2,000 per day might seem like a modest amount. However, let’s see how it adds up over 6 months:

Daily Savings: ₦2,000

Weekly Savings: ₦2,000 * 7 days = ₦14,000

Monthly Savings: ₦14,000 * 4 weeks = ₦56,000

6-Month Savings: ₦56,000 * 6 months = ₦336,000.

In just 6 months of consistently targeted savings, you’ll have a substantial ₦336,000 towards your dream vacation. This illustrates the power of channelling your funds purposefully. No more wondering if you’ll have enough; targeted savings ensures you’re on the path to realizing your goals.

The Arich Advantage: Amplifying Targeted Savings

Arich, your financial ally, takes the concept of targeted savings to the next level. With Arich’s user-friendly app, you have a dedicated tool to streamline your savings journey. Here’s how Arich magnifies the benefits:

Automation: Arich allows you to set up automated savings transfers to your savings plan, making targeted savings effortless. Your predetermined amounts can be seamlessly moved to your savings account, ensuring consistency.

Goal Tracking: Define your goals within the app, whether it’s a Rent Payment savings, a major purchase, or an emergency fund. Arich helps you monitor your progress, keeping you motivated.

Earn While You Save: With Arich’s competitive interest rates, your money doesn’t just sit idle; it grows over time, amplifying the results of your targeted savings efforts.


Targeted savings isn’t about deprivation; it’s about intentionality. Whether you’re saving for short-term indulgences or long-term financial security, this strategy empowers you to make your financial aspirations a reality. With Arich by your side, achieving these goals becomes even more accessible and rewarding. Harness the power of targeted savings with Arich and embark on a journey of financial empowerment.




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