arich mobile agent

Arich is helping retailers and trader’s achieve their financial goals by helping them save securely. You too can be part of this journey when you become an Arich Mobile agent.

Turn your mobile phone into a POS Collection Device.

Be your own boss while helping small businesses save and grow.

What you can do with Arich POS App

Collect Savings Deposit

You can easily collect daily, weekly or monthly savings from customers.

Save for Customer

Save and transfer money to the customers savings plan in just a click.

Earn up to 120,000 naira monthly

Earn on each savings collections you make.

Join thousands of users to become your own boss


Frequesntly Asked Questions about Arich POS

Arich POS is a platform that enables anyone with internet and a mobile device to earn income by helping people in their neighbourhoods create bank accounts, save money, and withdraw funds anytime.

We launched Arich POS to provide a convenient and secure way for individuals and store owners to save and withdraw money through the help of an agent closest to them. At the same time, we are empowering agents to earn extra income.

Anyone with access to a mobile device and internet can become an agent. This includes individuals, store owners, and existing POS owners.

For agents: You can create a bank account and savings plan for any customer, collect and save cash for them, and help users withdraw when the savings are due. 

For customers: You can walk into any Arich agent and create an account or a savings plan, give your daily savings to the agent to save for you, and withdraw your savings or any other cash from your account anytime.

As a POS agent, you can earn money by collecting savings, Esusu, or Ajo from store owners around your neighbourhood. They give you cash, and you save it for them while earning commissions. You can also earn money by withdrawing or transferring money for users.

Anyone can become an Arich POS agent after passing our verification process. Customers can use Arich POS for savings, withdrawals, and other transactions.

Yes, Arich POS allows you to withdraw money from your account without a card. Simply provide your account number to the agent and authorize them to give you cash or transfer funds to another account.